See you on April 10, 11 and 12, 2024 for the 3rd edition at Les Près du Hem - Lille ! European Exhibition for maintenance and layout of aquatic environments

Be there for the 3rd edition of a European exhibition with the ambition of becoming the place for meetings and exchanges of all the actors linked to the management of wetlands.

A unique event around the themes of the maintenance and development of aquatic environments, in a context which, more than ever, is part of the challenges of tomorrow!


New in 2024: Creation of a FORESTRY TECHNIQUES VILLAGE





Transform and perpetuate your aquatic spaces

Meet all the new initiatives to develop an aquatic environment that is both pleasant, sustainable and respectful of nature. At your service, supervisory bodies, design offices and industrial innovation.

Transform and perpetuate your aquatic spaces
Meet all the new initiatives to create an aquatic environment both pleasant, durable and respectful nature.

At your service, the organizations supervision, design offices and innovation industrial.

Built heritage or aquatic natural capital, preservation commits us
Banks, developments, dams ...
Proximity to the natural aquatic area commits to responsible practices and innovative. The preservation of adjustments in time and  taking into consideration of natural rhythm of the water are the same issue.

Aquatic spaces, natural sources of biodiversity to be created or protected
Preserving a wetland means putting it in value, animate the diversity of its fauna and of its flora. Maintain it, protect it or even create it, respecting the natural cycle water is possible ... If will and expertise meet!

Management of aquatic environments: respond to environmental issues
Silts, sludge, plants, hydrocarbons ... products from your maintenance operations
warrant special attention, in the port environment as elsewhere.
Between pollution control, impact control and valuation, imagine new methods and solutions.

Material and technical equipment for work in aquatic environments
Specialized companies, find in demonstration and exhibition every materials and services essential to your
activity. Land or amphibious vehicles, all the innovation in aquatic work meet you.


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